Campaign Launch: HERE WITH YOU

[Press release – 9 March 2020 –]

The HERE WITH YOU campaign is run by the Romanian Online Counseling and Psychotherapy Association (ACPOR), with the support of Betfair Romania Development. It will run online from March to April 2020. The campaign aims to facilitate the recognition of mental health problems and to highlight the important role of loved ones in alleviating the suffering of those facing such a problem.

About the HERE WITH YOU campaign

With its slogan HERE WITH YOU, the campaign aims to support those who want to be close to someone suffering from a mental disorder, so that they know what anxiety and depression are and what they feel like, learn to listen, ask the right questions, know how to be there for their loved ones when they seek professional help, trust the person who is suffering, offer a warm hug or an empowering handshake. These are some expressions of HERE WITH YOU. Read more about the campaign here:

Campaign objectives

  • To provide information about the most common mental health problems (anxiety and depression) so that they can be more easily recognised.
  • To provide a free online screening to identify anxiety and depression disorders.
  • Bring the insights and perspectives of people who have experienced mental health problems closer to the general public.
  • To offer advice (on how to provide psychological support) to those who want to be there for their suffering loved ones.


The Romanian Association of Online Counseling and Psychotherapy (ro. Asociaţia de Consiliere şi Psihoterapie Online din România – ACPOR) was founded in 2009 by a group of researchers and practitioners from Cluj-Napoca with the aim of promoting mental health by using all the opportunities offered by psychological sciences and information and communication technology (ICT). The association promotes research, continuous training and services in the field of mental health, especially counseling and psychotherapy, by integrating classical approaches with e-mental health.

The project is supported by Betfair Romania Development.