Course title: Instructional strategies and assessment methods suitable for special educational needs (SEN)

Aim of the training programme: to improve the efficiency of psycho-pedagogical assistance to children with special educational needs through the implementation of modern methods of teaching and evaluation of school progress adapted to their needs.

Number of training hours: 60

Number of credits: 15

Objectives of the training programme:

1. To understand the role of the teacher in the process of psycho-pedagogical intervention according to current theories

2. To adapt the didactic design to the characteristics of the main inclusive approaches for children with SEN

3. To specify the main support tools and resources for the individualization of the didactic activity in the case of children with SEN

4. To facilitate learning for children with SEN by using specific teaching tools, practices and methods

5. To optimize the evaluation practices of the school progress of children with SEN

Skills targeted by the training programme:

General skills:

1. Integrating the main theories and models of a differentiated educational approach to children into teaching activities

2. Ensuring equal access to education through individualization and curricular adjustments

3. Providing appropriate psycho-pedagogical support for children with SEN

4. Develop appropriate tools and procedures for the assessment of children with SEN

Specific skills:

  • Analysis of the personal role of the teacher in the psycho-pedagogical support of children with SEN
  • Designing teaching sequences according to the main inclusive educational models and approaches
  • Analysis of the obstacles that can occur in the implementation of the principles of differentiated instruction and universal design
  • Individualization of teaching activity to the needs of children with SEN
  • Adapting and implementing teaching methodology to facilitate learning for children with SEN
  • Analysis of specific learning tasks and errors for children with SEN
  • Planning and implementing assessment procedures for children with SEN