Course title: Intervention, assistance and counseling for students’ personal development

Aim of the training programme: To make the educational process more effective by ensuring a climate suitable for learning and for developing students’ personalities, based on the development and enhancement of the skills that teachers and remedial staff have for intervention, assistance and individual counseling.

Number of training hours: 60

Number of credits: 15

Objectives of the training programme:

1. To become familiar with different characteristics of child and adolescent development

2. To become familiar with notions of attachment theory and their implications for current classroom practice

3. To acquire new knowledge about methods of dealing with problematic situations commonly encountered in the classroom

4. To support students’ personal development through career counseling activities

Skills targeted by the training programme:

General skills:

1. Integrating practices to support the development of students’ cognitive, social and emotional competences into classroom activities

2. Developing a secure teacher-student attachment relationship as a basis for supporting the academic learning and personal development of the student

3. Designing and managing career development programmes for students

Specific skills:

  • Optimizing teaching-assessment activities through the lens of developing students’ cognitive, social and emotional competences
  • Adapting classroom activities according to students’ relationship/attachment style
  • Implementing effective strategies to reduce problematic behavior in the classroom
  • Developing, implementing and assessing career development programmes