DEPRETER/ PAXONLINE licensing course (CPR)

CPR ACCREDITED COURSE (webinar) for licensing in the use of DEPRETER ( – Science-based therapy for depression and burnout) and PAXONLINE ( – Science-based therapy for anxiety). 


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The courses are CPR accredited (42 credits):

  • Treating depression in the 21st Century. New procedures and technologies: Depreter (18 credits)
  • Treating anxiety in the 21st century. New procedures and technologies: PAXonline (24 credits)

Fees for individuals or private practice:

  • Depreter and Paxonline promotional package = 1800 ron (42 CPR credits).
  • Depreter = 1200 ron (18 CPR credits)
  • Paxonline = 1200 ron (24 CPR credits)

Fees for legal entities (institutions and companies):

  • Depreter = 1800 lei (vat included) (18 CPR credits)
  • Paxonline = 1800 lei (vat included) (24 CPR credits)


Who can enroll:

  • psychologists or psycho-pedagogues with a bachelor’s degree
  • psychiatry junior doctors, psychiatrists


(considering both courses)

1) “up-to-date” knowledge of science-based therapy for depression and anxiety as well as new therapeutic technologies (e-therapy)

2) access to Depreter and Paxonline psychotherapist tools during the course and credits to practice what you learn (access to modules, assessment and treatment tools)

3) user licence for each platform, valid for an unlimited period of time

4) 18 CPR credits (Depreter) + 24 CPR credits (Paxonline)

5) subscription for the use of the platforms until the end of the calendar year. The annual subscription allows licensed therapists access to: adding patients to the platform, dozens of screening tests, assessment and monitoring, dozens of therapeutic intervention modules, secure online sessions;

6) bonus credits for using the platforms with one’s own patients after licensing.

7) the possibility to become a member of the Psychology Online Network (PON) initiated by COGNITROM

(See conditions of use after graduation)


After the course, the use of the Depreter and Paxonline platforms (as well as other Cognitrom online platforms) is based on a Psychology Online Network (PON) user agreement signed by the licensed specialists and on the payment of an annual PON subscription (298 lei/year).

Licensed graduates have the possibility to become members of the Psychology Online Network (PON) initiated by COGNITROM and receive benefits for the calendar year 2023:

i. exemption from payment of the annual subscription fee

ii. 300 user credits included (free of charge) that can be used to provide services to clients through any platform for which you hold a license

COURSE STRUCTURE: (reference: 17.03.2023 series)

1) theoretical part I, individual online study (access before 17.03, after paying for the course)

2) webinar (compulsory attendance) – theoretical training II and live applied demonstrations (17.03.2023, 9 a.m. – 2 p.m.)

3) individual online self-paced study, practice on platforms (3 weeks)

4) optional online consultation (30.03)

5) obtaining diplomas and licenses

To participate in the webinar you will need a laptop or computer equipped with speakers (and microphone) and internet connection during the online course (4-5 hours). There is no need to have a webcam (only trainers are filmed). You can attend from home or from your office, the important thing is to have a good working environment.


  • Attend the face-to-face/webinar training activities provided in the course syllabus;
  • Carry out the e-learning activities (implementation of the self-study protocol and supervised practice) set out in the syllabus.


  • Dr. Mircea Miclea – psychologist, psychotherapist, professor at Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca
  • Dr. Amalia Ciuca – psychologist, psychotherapist, researcher
  • Liviu Crișan – psychologist, psychotherapist, researcher

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