Romanian Association of Online Counseling and Psychotherapy

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Status, mission, objectives

ACPOR stands for The Romanian Association for Online Counselling and Psychotherapy, a professional organization established in 2009 for the purpose of promoting mental health services through ICT solutions.

ACPOR gathers mental health specialists dedicated to the integration of the latest ICT solutions in their professional practice. ACPOR members aim to develop new studies or disseminate previous notable studies on the effectiveness, efficiency, and methods of implementation of ICT solutions in counselling and psychotherapy.

ACPOR is orented for identifying children at risk and for offering efficient preventive and early intervention solutions. ACPOR is also involved in developing and promoting training opportunities for mental health professionals regarding the use of online technologies, including standards and recommended practices.


Latest News

  • 11/4/2013

    Workshop for family doctors: Screening and prevention of anxiety disorders
    ACPOR organizes a new workshop for family doctors, regarding the lates...

  • 7/2/2013

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    On March 15th, ACPOR will start the next training session for licensed...